Submitted by JENNA SCHAFER

The breeze carries the smell of fresh cut grass, the whirring sounds of lawnmowers starting up, a haze of cleat dust and the plink of a metal bat hitting a ball. It’s finally Spring again.

Daviess County has had a long tradition of small-town rivalries in every sport. Baseball and softball are no different. As the games begin and the aroma of popcorn hits the stands, orange and black banners are raised and Hatchet cheers are being chanted from the dugout.

It’s not just a game to these teams, fans and coaches. It’s about learning respect and how to play with others. The lessons and values that these students, faculty and others take away from the game are instilled in them for a lifetime. That’s what spring is all about, new life.

New life comes in many different forms, like a new restaurant, The Eastside Grill, opening in the town of Washington or happening like Taste of Daviess County. Just one event pulls people from their homes, where they have been hiding from the cold of winter for months. Spring reconvenes the community again and also attracts visitors who want to be part of a special county like Daviess.

May of this year brings us primary elections. Debates are heated and the stakes are high, proving just how passionate people still are about the world we live in. Sometimes this life seems so different than it used to be. Curiously, looking at the negatives of situations shines a light on possible solutions and helps us realize that there is still plenty of good left in the world.

Part of that good is in reflection. We certainly cannot forget about all of the enjoyable events that will take place this year as we celebrate Indiana’s bicentennial.

Flowers are blooming; trees are growing, or falling, with springtime storms rolling in more and more often. Spring also brings science to life, providing the best weather and conditions for all animals in our latitudes to give birth to all of the new cute baby bunnies, chicks and various other animals.

Most people think of change when the New Year hits and thousands of new resolutions are made to be broken, but when the middle of March begins, so does a new time. Daviess County begins to thrive and the community involvement becomes a must. Spring has officially sprung.