Submitted by LAYNE FOWLER

The definition of success varies from business to business. Some may define success as how many cars have been sold this month, by how many cups of coffee have been carried to a table, or by how many lives were saved. Not-For-Profit (NFP) organizations look at success a little differently.

     According to the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, a few traits  make NFPs truly successful. They:
• Fill a need or void
• Solve a problem.
• Enhance quality of life.
• Provide joy, comfort, or pleasure.
     These traits caught my eye as I was reading. They immediately made me think of an NFP close to my heart, Daviess County Friends For Animals.
     Daviess County Friends For Animals is a 501(c)(3),  NFP charity organization in Daviess County, Indiana. This volunteer-run organization rescues animals in need and provides them with medical assistance and a foster home. They promote spaying and neutering pets to help keep the pet population from filling the shelters.
     Not only does this organization directly take in animals, but Friends for Animals also works with the local animal control. Almost every weekend, members from this organization are taking animals out of their local shelter and  transporting them to other Not- For- Profit rescues and no-kill shelters around the country, in hopes of finding them the perfect home. They are making a difference in the lives of animals and also people.
Home finders
     In 2014, 49 dogs found their forever homes because of Friends for Animals. In 2015, 76 dogs were placed in their forever home. In 2016, so far this year, 45 dogs have found loving homes. Incredible. Applications can be filled out for anyone who is interested in adopting or fostering a cat or dog.
    In 2013, 565 dogs and 93 cats were rescued from the shelter. In 2014, 400 dogs, 48 cats, and 1 potbelly pig were rescued.  325 dogs and 89 cats were rescued in 2015. As for 2016, so far this year, 212 dogs and 76 cats have been placed in safe rescues around the country.  Where would all of these animals be now if it weren’t for Friends for Animals?
     Daviess County Friends for Animals has approximately 24 members who work together for the animals in the community. The group hosts fundraisers and monthly meetings,usually held on the second Monday of every month, to raise money and discuss the well-being of the animals. New faces are more than welcome to come and join in conversation!
Keeping it going

The fall fundraiser–a Soup Supper and Auction–has been the central topic in recent meetings. The Soup Supper and Auction will be held on October 15, 2016 at the Masonic Lodge in Washington, Indiana. The fundraiser begins with soup and dessert, for $5.00, at 5:00 p.m., with the auction starting approximately at 6:00 p.m. Auction items include tickets to Paoli Peaks, Holiday World tickets, and 4 one-day Park Hopper tickets to Disney! October 15th is approaching quickly and everyone should come support such an amazing cause! All proceeds will go directly to the Animals of Daviess County to make sure all of their needs are met!

 Soup Supper and Auction
October 15, 2016   Supper @ 5:00 pm | Auction @ 6:00 pm
Masonic Lodge | 620 E Viola Ave, Washington IN 47501
     Daviess County Friends for Animals fills a need and a void in our community. They solve animal problems. They definitely enhance the quality of life. And without a doubt they provide joy, comfort, and pleasure to all animals they come in contact with. That is very successful.