2016 showed me a sad fact. I can’t juggle.

No, I don’t mean the kind with balls or bowling pins, or even fruit.  I tried to juggle writing a full-length novel, home schooling a 5th grader, self-publish print editions of seven books, and help raise a grandchild.  Guess which ‘balls’ were dropped?

Thankfully not the ones involving children!  My granddaughter was accepted into (and thrived!) in Head Start, and my youngest child did pass the 5th grade with flying colors.  My book still isn’t finished, and only one of the previously released books made it into print.

So what are my goals this year?

My now-6th grader needs more supervision on his homework.  We spent the first half of the school year fixing up and moving into a new home, so when parent-teacher conferences came around, I was more focused on unpacking and forgot to go.  I resolve to be more diligent about homework help.

My book is still overdue, so as soon as I finish my morning chores, I need to spend less time on Facebook and actually write.  I resolve to write at least 500 words or more a day.

After the Christmas decorations have been taken down, I need to get pictures up on my new walls and reorganize my new basement.  We also have to replace the roof, so remodeling the kitchen will have to wait another year.  We’re also hoping to turn the carport into a garage, and fence in part of the yard for the dogs.  In other words, I resolve to do some home maintenance (or at least help my husband with it!).

I love to sing, so every Thursday and Saturday nights (weather permitting!), I can be found singing karaoke at a local bar.  Six years ago, the dear friend who introduced me to this addicting habit decided we should go alphabetically through all the song titles, and I’ve made it to the ones beginning with ‘Love’.  I think 2016 began with the end of the ‘I’ titled songs and moving onto ‘J’, so I’ve definitely made progress!  I resolve to move well into the ‘M’ titles, maybe even the ‘N’ ones.

O Magic 8 Ball
Please tell me
What 2017
Has in store for me….

(shakes ball)hazy-1

I invite you to follow me on my progress by checking my blog around the first of each month, or catch up with me at various signings throughout the year in either Daviess or Knox County.

So what does YOUR Magic 8 Ball have in store for you?