Editor’s note: This excerpt is from one of Dr. Ray Hinish’s emails. It’s a good word we feel is worth sharing.

Over the last year or so I have started practicing something called “Mindfulness Meditation” and I would highly recommend that you too look into the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

In fact, I was just in the supermarket and saw that Time Magazine dedicated an entire issue to the benefits of this very simple technique of mindfulness.

In today’s world, it seems like the thing we need most is freedom from all of the stuff that we think we need most.

We need to go into airplane mode. Turn off the TV, shut that damn phone off, turn the computer off and just sit for a few minutes in silence.

That’s it…

Let your brain rest a couple of times a day. Just sit and breathe. When the thoughts race in, just notice them and go back to focusing on the breathing.


Simple and effective. Just 5-10 minutes a day is enough to see benefits.

One final tip before I go…

One thing I always tell myself is, “They can’t eat ya.”

Stress is a very primitive response to the fear of being eaten by a predator. When we have stress in our life, our brain does not differentiate between stresses…in essence, it is fearing being eaten, which is why small things appear big.

Just tell your brain, “They can’t eat ya.”

Bill collectors at your door? “At least they can’t eat ya.”

Boss yelling at you? “At least they can’t eat ya.”

I hope that helps!

Yours in good (and peaceful) health,
Ray Hinish, Pharm.D.