A Unique Shopping Experience


WASHINGTON, IN — A store has marked the main route between the Indiana towns of Montgomery and Washington for thirty years.  For the longest time, I passed Amish Kountry Korner on my way to appointments. The name always intrigued me and I knew I had to visit.

The Mom-and-Pop charm plus a combination of tasty and practical items delighted me when I walked through the door. There was so much to see!  Keeping more or less to the right, I set out to explore this   unique store.

If you’ve never been here, you’ll see the large deli section and probably want to save perishables for last.

In the front room, the smell of Mary’s fresh-baked goodies and oversized sandwich bread beckon. There are even whoopee pies! I’ve never had one of these personal-sized treats, but I bet the rounded chocolate cake sandwich with creamy filling entice many a customer. It’s mighty hard to stick to a shopping list here!

Beyond the baked goods, various canned items line the walls.  You’ll find unique flavors in their offerings such as relishes, jellies, pickled peaches, salsas, spices, dry mixes.

They sell cobs of popcorn that cook in the microwave.  I decided to send relatives a box of Amish goodies from the store and included a popcorn cob.  (Update:  They loved the unique gifts!)

Still More to Explore!

Looking in the room behind, there are diffusers and French-milled soap.  You’ll see many attractive vintage items at affordable prices.  I saw a bell, a music box, and a vintage-cut glass doorknob among them. At least they were there a few days ago. If you wait, chances are you’ll miss out.

There are shelves of alternative tried-and true-remedies – health tonics and ointments. You’ll also discover books, old and new, gracing tables and shelves, inviting you to explore the rich world of words.

Walking forward, you’ll see aprons, bulk peanuts in the shell, and a cabinet of coffees and teas. Just beyond, you’ll smell an enticing array of chocolates and non-chocolates in the candy room, begging the kid in you to explore.

Leaving the candy room, you’ll begin to complete the circle back toward the front door. A freezer case holds a variety of convenient items such as ground beef, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, berries, and Amish baked goods.  Locally-crafted items like rolled butter or honey-butter, cheeses, and horseradish are fresh for your enjoyment.  And for those wishing to be just a little naughty, there’s a small case with single slices of pie.

When I visited, Mary left the kitchen and we sat at one of the tables for two at the front of the store, where you can enjoy deli sandwiches and other delights while taking a break.

Who keeps things running?

Mary has plans to create a more country/vintage atmosphere. She wants to expand the book section, move the tables and chairs from the front to the back of the store, and produce more breads and pies.

If you are local to the Amish Kountry Kitchen, drop in to shop and find reasons to make this a regular stop. Take a friend and stay for lunch. Order a party tray. Buy some homemade bread. Find an excuse to pick up a dessert item (the small chocolate cake with chocolate icing is a classic).  You’ll only wish you found this place earlier.

Address and Contact Info

Amish Kountry Korner
3516 US Highway 50 E
Washington, Indiana
Call (812) 254-3284

Store Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.